Friday, November 28, 2014

Characters #2) Harald - Old Warrior - Northman


#2) Harald - Old Warrior - Northman

- Ftr 9th Lvl - HP 91 - AC (8) {3 with Chainmail} [2 with chainmail and shield] +1 To Hit and To Damage due to strength. Cannot be knocked unconscious in combat nor can he be held, slowed or trapped by spells. If detect magic is used Harald personally radiates magic from his body.

Harald has lived a long life and feels the approaching years with trepidation in his heart. Always he has put himself in the forefront of battle. He has gone on long and dangerous raids, adventures, quests and while his fame has become great a glorious death in battle has eluded him. The Raven King, he who chooses the slain to fight for him in the next world, calls to him and Harald is eager to answer that call.

Armor and items of renown and power Harald once possessed, but he has set those aside, gifted them to friends and kin, so that the death-wound may find him. He wears finely crafted mail and helm, a sturdy shield and a thick cloak of red, but the only item of power he carries is his bastard sword, Steel-Cleaver.

Steel-Cleaver - Bastard Sword +3(To-Hit)/+5(To-Hit & Damage) versus Giants and Giant-Kin - Any successful hit by Steel-Cleaver has a 20% chance of destroying any nonmagical shield, helm or piece of metal armor that is struck. The bonuses apply (To-Hit only and not To-Damage except against Giants and Giant-kin - Steal-cleaver is then a +5 to hit and damage weapon but does not destroy armor).

While Harald is eager for a glorious death he will use all his considerable skill and combat knowledge to defeat his opponents. He will never surrender and the Raven King has blessed him so that he cannot be knocked unconscious in combat or even magically held, slowed or trapped.

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