Friday, July 11, 2014

Red Sonja - She-Devil With A Sword (Dynamite #0)

Red Sonja - She-Devil With A Sword
(Dynamite #0)

Red-Sonja first appeared in comics back in Marvel's Conan #23 and back then she wasn't yet the chain-mail bikini babe that she later became. This comic is old news but I picked up a set of these Dynamite books cheap so although almost ten years old they are new to me. (And with the state of comic sales today most series drop so much in price that you are better off waiting for the issues to be dumped than forking over the cover price).

Mel Rubi did the art and it is surprisingly good. The story is really just a vignette, a snap-shot showing just one scene, but one that sets the stage for a series that will hopefully have some grit and grimness that hopefully can rise above the campiness of chain-mail bikini.

There really isn't anything new in the idea presented; Conan himself ran into a similar situation when an innkeeper tried to feed him to a group of cannibals only to have Conan serve the innkeeper in kind. For gaming purposes it describes a short encounter, perhaps with weary adventures returned from a dungeon with loot only to find themselves set upon by the inhabitants of a small town or remote inn.

Perhaps the town is home to a secret dark cult. Several pictures from the comic make nice player handouts.

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