Friday, June 6, 2014

5e - A comment in response to a blog post

Threatened by 5e goons? I recommend a Mossberg (pistol grip, snub barrel). The game is going to outlive everyone playing it right now so I'm not worried about it withering on the vine without corporate sponsorship, but paper and pencil games with rulebooks you need to read and adventures that require imagination that is actually yours and not some visual smorgasbord belonging to someone else are not for everyone, and even then not all games are equal; Some are better than others (oh Heresy and Elitism). Sure a game is there to have fun, but not all fun or gamers are created equal. Not every game system gets a prize and a pizza party on the way home, or a gold star for effort or a year-end bonus for watching internet porn instead of working. 

Personally I don't give a damn about 5e or 'The Hobby' since there are enough 1e AD&D players and DM's floating around. I don't care about 'New Blood'. I want to game with people who want to play 1e AD&D, who have voyaged in the great crawling sea of chaos that is the modern RPG gaming world crammed with crap settings, systems and products draining their wallets and imagination, choking them with  clones, retro and rewrites of classic work, and in the end made full circle back to where RPGs began.

Do these various game systems 'hurt the Hobby'? Hell no. They separate the wheat from the chaff. They offer up ideas to be plundered. They remove the potential dissatisfied players who prefer the clown and candy RPGs as a source for their fun from the players who do not want big-ass swords and puffed up little lolly-pop gang characters or a boardgame wearing the skin of an RPG with two dimensional characters that cannot lose or die. 

So 5e is a suckers bet, but more power to those who have fun with it, and to those who are disappointed in it and bought it anyway? What the hell did you expect?

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