Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thieves' World Companion

Found my Thieves' World Companion booklet today. This one just has stats for Runequest and MERP ( a strange combination but the people at ICE must have been the only ones that allowed using their system stats). There are some small write-ups on the Beysib and half-a-page on the Nisibisi. They have character list by story for books 3-6 (cool for me since I can compare them with what I distilled from the books; still need to write up the list from book 4). The booklet, just 48pages, also has some write-ups on the new characters introduced in books 3-6 and looks like the boxed set must have missed a few from books 1-3. They have a revised encounter table but you still need the encounter tables from the boxed set.

Nothing stand-alone about the Companion but it does add to the boxed set. A 1e AD&D player will need to do a lot of conversion as neither Runequest nor MERP are easy switches to AD&D. MERP seems pretty out of place for Thieves' World characters. It isn't a system I'd think of for running adventures in Sanctuary. TSRD&D or AD&D sure. Runequest I only dabbled with decades ago so I don't know.

Looking over the boxed set and companion I'd say they are handy but a DM should still sift through the anthologies for reference material and adventure ideas as well as getting the mood and atmosphere for the setting right.

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