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23). Banek - Inspiring Illustrations - Fantasy Art

23). Banek


Frequency: Rare
No. Appearing: 3-15
Armor Class: 5
Move 12"
Hit Dice: 4
% in Lair: 70%
Treasure Type: c
No. of Attacks: 3 (Bite/Claw/Claw)
Damage/Attack: 1d12/1d8/1d8
Special Attack: The bite of a Banek is poisoness. Any character bitten by this creature must save versus poison or receive an immediate 1d6 damage. This save must be made against ever successful bite attack.
Special Defense: nil
Magic Resistance: 10%
Intelligence: Average to High
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: M

Language: Their primary language is Dark Elven, but many are intelligent enough to speak several languages. Most will speak an underworld trade language or the common tongue in addition to dark Elven.

Physical Description: The Banek have the body of a lion and the head of a female Dark Elf. Their fur and their facial skin is a dusky grey and the hair on their head is shockingly white. Their mouths are filled with the sharp pointed teeth of a cat.

Combat: Though they have intelligence the Banek act more like beasts in combat. They will throw themselves on an opponent and go for its throat, though they will bite any flesh within reach. Their front paws are equipped with sharp claws and as they bite they will also rend. While these monsters travel in packs they normally attack as individuals and it is rare for a mansized creature to be set upon by more than one. Often these beasts will sit and watch as one of their kindred fights and will only attack if the first Banek withdraws or is incapacitated or killed.

Ecology: The Banek is the product of foul sorcery and the melding of Dark Elves with foul cat-like deity. These offspring of that melding are cursed by their progenitors and forced from any Dark Elf community if not killed on sight.

They do not breed in a normal fashion since all are female, but they do take various feline or feline-like males as mates. They have the ability to Charm male feline creatures and they can be found lairing with lions, displacer beasts or even manticores.  They do reproduce by cell division and a pack of Baneks will all look exactly alike. This process happens once every year or so and a pack of Baneks can double in size suddenly. There is a constant struggle for dominance among them and commonly the fight for leadership will be to the death.

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