Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tales From the Mountain King #1 (Proposed TOC)

Tales From The Mountain King Volume 1 #1 -
A quarterly amateur magazine to be released summer 2014 in print and pdf

(Proposed) Table of Contents

Ideas and Reference List from Robert E. Howards "The Black Stone"

The Black Monolith - An adventure based on REH's "The Black Stone"

The World of Gillead - Introduction to an alternate history campaign setting

The Viking Age in the World of Gillead

The Barrow - A Viking Mini-Adventure set in the World of Gilead

Runes - The Futhrak Alphabet

Runes - A list of their powers for RPGs in Fortune Telling and as Items of Power

The Warwolf's Crew - A list of NPCs for a Viking Longship

Chooser of the Slain - Short Story

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