Friday, January 31, 2014

Inspiring Illustrations - Fantasy Art - 7

7). The Body in the Road

The forest path is still; even the rustling of the trees has fallen silent. The light is cut into patterns as it shines down between leaf and leaf, and shadows hide behind the tall boles. Ahead, where the path turns, a dull shape in greens and browns is stretched, long and still, in the dirt.

A man, recently dead, but without sign of wound or blood. An archer, woodsman, perhaps outlaw, or ranger. His bow is nowhere to be found, but a quiver of gray fletched arrows is on his back and a short sword drawn beneath him, though there is no sheath upon his belt. His clothes are died green, his belt and long-laced soft-soled boots are brown.

He bears no pouch or purse. Has no coin or pack. He wears a green leather helm. Beneath his hair is black as is his beard, his eyes blue.

Here is a mystery, a death. Here also is trouble without a doubt.

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