Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Inspiring Illustrations - Fantasy Art - 2

2). The Temple of Elemental Evil Wants You!

Tired of growing cabbages? Does waiting on an endless line of drunks and faceless travelers leave you unfulfilled? Are you weary of shoeing horses or cleaning stables?

Try us here at the Temple of Elemental Evil!

Do to a recent inadvertent downsizing the Temple, or ToEE as our happy workers like to call it, is now recruiting for all levels of employment from neophyte to high priest. Come join us in our quest to release the dark powers upon the Oerth. Competitive benefits, Vacation travelling to the Elemental Nodes, Free robes and Healing performed on premises.

Applicants please contact:

Lareth the Beautiful
Lower Level
Old Ruined Moathouse

Swamp outside of Hommlet, Verbobonc, O4-98

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