Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Inspiring Illustrations - Fantasy Art 1

Inspiring Illustrations - Fantasy Art

1). The Weapon Rack

a). The Helm of X-Ray Vision

Allows the wearer to see through clothing, but when removed the wearer finds that all of his own clothing has been rendered invisible for 1d6 hours and a dark ink like marks have formed around his eyes that will fade only after vigorous scrubbing.

b). The Bardiche of the Rubber Blade.

Though seemingly of razor sharpness this bardiche will not draw blood or do damage to flesh and bone though it is effective against inorganic substances and acts as a +3 weapon against all inorganic golems or animated constructs.  

c). The Flanged Mace of Ethereal Combat.

This mace allows +2 against ethereal creatures but becomes ethereal itself when used against any material creature of object.

d). The Battle Axe of Tooth Sensitivity

This powerful weapon acts as a +3 battle-axe to hit, but each successful strike causes 1d4 damage to the user and the extremely painful dental pain that lasts 1d4 minutes and a 10% chance for the fracture of a random tooth.

e). The Zweihander of Babble.

This two-handed sword is +2/+4 against all those who do not speak common, but a successful strikes renders the user to speak only in gibberish for the next 24 hours from the last strike.

f). The Spear of the Spastic Colon.

A rather disgusting weapon that will strike creature even those requiring magical or blessed weapons to hit, but renders both user and opponent incontinent for 2d12 hours after striking or being struck.

 g). The Short Sword of Hair Removal

This magic weapon is +2/+4 against hairless creatures. Warning - prolonged use causes baldness.

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