Tuesday, August 6, 2013


(A Brief Rough Draft)

NOTE: These are adventure seeds and setting work for my own Hyperborea campaign inspired by the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerors of Hyperborea Gazetteer

Sea Market

The Sea Market is just one of dozens of markets within Khromarium. It serves most of the population of the south-east limits of the city, although the exact geography of the city is somewhat nebulous and outside of the main thoroughfares landmarks tend to drift with the alleys and small streets of the city leading sometimes to darker, older and possibly unwholesome quarters. The foodstuffs tend to be the latest catch and seafood abounds, while more porcine and bovine fair is less abundant.

This market is the renowned for its exotic goods brought fresh from the southern docks as well as its hidden dealings in stolen merchandise and smuggled contraband, though there is little that is proscribed in the city. It is also one of the three largest slave markets in the city offering both common working slaves as well as more curvaceous chattel, at least those not skimmed off by the nobility and better brothels.  

South Docks

The South Docks spread across most of Khromarium's southern tip and are the busiest in the city (The east docks are much smaller and split between the naval shipyard and the more refined nobles dock to the north).

Most of the cities shipping ends up at the southern docks and there is a constant flow of men and goods to and from the ships during all daylight hours. At night there is still a good amount of business but much more clandestine. The Street of Whores runs parallel along a large portion of the docks and the lower end of the Street of Taverns is near the middle of the Dockyard Row which faces the docks themselves.

Street of Craft

The Street of Craft curves up from the southern end of the city, always within a few streets of the outerwalls till it curves along the east and ends at the great thorough-fare which cuts off the northern section and the Nobles Quarter. Almost every kind of work can be found somewhere along this lengthy street from cobblers to workers in wonder, tinsmith's to jewel-cutters, weavers and wagonneers, almost any craft can be found with Khromarium's wide walls. The Street of Trade intersects the lower end and empties in the Sea Market while more specific types of merchant streets intersect it all along its course, such as the Street of Gold, The Street of Arms, The Street of Cloth, etc...

Street of Trade

The Street of Trade is one of the oldest human occupied streets in the city running from the western edge where the Great Keep and military barracks and the War Gate can be found crossing the Street of Whores twice as it weaves snake-like north of the southern docks. Almost any business can be found along the Street of Trade but these tend to be smaller affairs than their more prosperous cousins further to the north within the city and their customers are the common folk of the city as well as the sailors from the many vessels moored at the docks. The eastern end of the Street of Trade empties into the Sea Market and the myriad stalls and selling spaces held within that wide paved space.


  1. Enjoying these Khromarium posts.
    Also really dug the CAS posts. Good stuff.

  2. Thanks Dave. CAS is unbelievable. I am way behind on my reading with his works but I keep stopping and mining his stories for ideas.