Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Inspiring Illustrations - The Sorceress of Wold Phellora

NOTE: These are adventure seeds and setting work for my own Hyperborea campaign inspired by the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerors of Hyperborea Gazetteer.

22).The Sorceress of Wold Phellora

There is a monstrous evil at the heart of Wold Phellora that warps the bodies and minds of those who abide in this secluded fishing village. Something is terribly wrong and the residents are shunned and abhorred by their neighbors. That there is also some power hidden among the misty fens and the deep waters beyond the mouth of the bay cannot be doubted. Three times in the memory of the eldest inhabitants of the Skar coast which lies north of the Wold have there been raids upon the village, but each has come to naught but tragedy.

Beyond the village of Wold Phellora the inhabitants have no such protection as their bay and fens offer them, but still the venture forth on moonless nights or send forth their less repugnant fellows to buy or steal women, for their own have often degenerated past the ability to birth any but abominations.

The sorceress of the Wold is the daughter of one such captive and her beauty is said to be more powerful than her enchantments. She has brought a new force and vitality to the people of the Wold and the fen mists rise and spread, encroaching on cleaner lands of Slatmarsh and Dunwater nearby, polluting the waters, warping the plants, crops and trees, corrupting the people.

The Lord of Skar, a chieftain of mixed heritage, Kimmeriann, Rus and Vikland Norse, is gathering his folk for a raid but it will take time. Now he calls for those who would adventure into the subverted towns and find out what Shadow lurks over Saltmarsh, and what can be done to defeat it or drive it forth. Great danger is promised but so is great reward and the gratitude of the people of Skar and their Lord.

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