Saturday, June 8, 2013

Inspiring Illustrations - The Princess of Death

1). The Princess of Death

Thalmera was well-loved by her parents and her people, so well loved that when she died suddenly and without warning it was too much for them to bear. The gods would not hear the pleas of her people or her family, but her father was more than a king. Nyael was king, high priest and semi-divine himself and his daughter was touched with that divinity.

As a supreme sacrifice Nyael and his queen ascended to the place of offering at the top of his palace/ziggurat and the two skew each other with daggers at the rising of the sun. Their servants bathed their bodies in holy (and highly flammable oils), lay them on a platform of carved wooden beams, sprinkled them with rare and costly spices before setting their bodies on fire at the setting of the sun (they smelled delicious).

At the dawning of the next day Thalmera arose, hungry for the flesh of the living. It is said that in the empty lands of her kingdom Thalmera stalks through the even emptier palace, immortal, searching for that which well satiate the never ending emptiness that resides in the place of her soul.

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