Monday, February 20, 2012

Languages of Oerthly Magic - Comprehend Languages

4). Comprehend Languages

Amedian - Koo'lwa Looga (Ku-El-Wa Lu-Ga)

Bakluni (Ancient) - Delere Anlamak (De-Le-Ri An-La-Mak)

Drow - Er'tato Nelven (Er-Te-To Ne-El-Ven)

Dwarven - Forsta Saipro (For-Sta Sa-Pro)

Elven - Immareta Kaelta (Im-Mar-Ta Ke-El-Ta)

Flan - Teingata (Te-An-Ga-Ta)

Fruz - Ski'a Tungamal (Skee-Ya Tun-Ga-Mal)

Giantish - Verstane (Ver-Sta-En)

Gnomish - Begrypen Tane (Be-Gri-Pen Ta-En)

Oeridian - Poneat Azikeah (Pon-At Az-Ek-Ah)

Olman - Molekeah Perintu (Mo-Li-Ka-Ya Per-In -Too)

Suel - Lingus Comprehendere (Le-Eng-Us Com-Pre-Hen-Der)


  1. I'm getting a good vibe from the Suel ones if I ever do my Greyhawk City University of Magic Arts campaign.

  2. Excellent! I hope you can make use of these sometime. For me they are essential in the way I write my Greyhawk stories. When I have a magic-user cast a spell I want him to use the components described in the Players Handbook. Almost every spell has a verbal component so I want them to say the words, and I want the words to be in the appropriate language.

    I don't know how involved other Greyhawk DM's want their magic spells, scrolls and items to be in their campaigns, but I find it adds an interesting touch to have the verbal component of spells to be actual words for the players to say.