Monday, July 11, 2011

Minstrel Tales The Last Ride With Osson

Not all of those who rode with Osson perished. A few, very few, made their way from Sunndi and their stories are now being told in verse and in prose throughout the Flanaess.

The Last Ride With Osson

"Once we were fighting at the source of the Mikar,
Now we are fighting for are lives to cross the Flanmi.
We have washed our swords in the surf of the Aerdi Sea;
We have pastured our horses among the fields of Medegia.
Osson's soldiers have grown weak and old
Fighting so many leagues away from home.

Men die in the field, slashing sword to sword;
The horses of the conquered neigh piteously to the sky.
Crows and hawks peck for human guts,
Carry them in their beaks and hang them on the branches of withered trees.
Captains and soldiers are smeared on the bushes and grass;
The General schemed in vain.

Know therefore that the sword is a cursed thing
Which the wise man uses only if he must."

Fighting South of the Ramparts By Li Po (Altered slightly for the Greyhawk campaign).


  1. I love using poems. Wish I could do more than just appropriate this stuff, but I am always glad to find real world poems that can fit Greyhawk.


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