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City of Greyhawk General Information

City of Greyhawk, General Information

I am trying to form a collection of source material from Gygax and Gygax-era publications regarding the City of Greyhawk. After looking at the post Gygax city material and several of the fan creations I found that I want a city that includes as much as Gygax's work as possible.

There is an atmosphere and a sense of magic about the City of Greyhawk as described and hinted about over the years. I don't know if I can capture that in my own version but I do feel that collecting and reviewing as much source material as possible will be a vast help.

These sources may vary from magazines, zines, published letters, essays, adventures, novels, etc... and this should be taken into consideration. Information about the Greyhawk of Gygax's home campaign will likely be at variance with a Gord Novel, and both differing from material published for gamers by TSR during Gygax's time with the company.

From The Dragon #9

Designers Forum
Varied Player Character and Non-Player Character Alignment in the Dungeons&Dragons campaigns
By Gary Gygax Pg#5&6

"...The Greyhawk campaign is built around the precept that "good" is the desired end sought by the majority of humanity and its allied races (gnomes, elves, et al.) I have this preference because the general aim is such that more than self-interest (or mental abberation) motivates the alignment. This is not to say that a war of lawful good against chaotic good is precluded, either or both opponents being allied with evil beings of lawful or chaotic alignment. What is said is that most planned actions which are written into the campaign are based on a threat to the overall good by the forces of evil.

While there are some areas where nearly all creatures encountered will be of like alignment, most places will contain a mixture of alignments, good and neutral, evil and neutral, or all of the varying alignments. A case in point for the latter mixture is the "Free City of Greyhawk". This walled town was the area trade center and seat of feudal power, then began to decline when the overlordship transferred from a suzerain to the city itself, but is now undergoing a boom due to the activities of adventurers and the particular world system events (a new struggle between lawful good and chaotic evil, with the latter on the upswing). The oligarchs of the city are neutral in outlook, if not in alignment, viewing anything which benefits their city as desirable. Therefore, all sorts of creatures inhabit the city, commerce is free, persons of lawful alignment rub elbows with chaotics, evil and good co-exist on equitable terms. Any preeminence of alignment is carefully thwarted by the rules of the place, for it would tend to be detrimental to the city trade. There are movements and plots aplenty, but they are merely a part of the mosaic of city intrigue, and player characters can seldom find personal advantage in them, let alone assume a commanding position in municipal affairs."

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